Sunday, August 21

Where do I start?!

I don't even know. Let me see....

On the 11th i went to Stitches Midwest in O'Hare. It was really cool! We(Amy and I) took a class on designing sweaters called "Where do they get those numbers", by Edie Eckman.(her new books) I really enjoyed it. Now if i only had the time to sit down and write a pattern... After class we walked around for about 45 minutes trying to find somewhere to eat. Finally we found one at the Hyatt. I wish someone would have told us that before we took a hike around Chicago. Then there was the market preview. WOW that is all i can say. There was about 300 different booths of all different kinds of yarn. WOW! i kept telling myself not to buy anything until i looked around more so i wouldn't spend all my money on something and then find something even better later.... Well that plan didn't work out all that well. all of the sudden we heard a woman over the loud speaker "ten minutes until the marker is closed". Then there was me thinking: "AHHHH but i haven't bought anything yet!!" Then i saw the coolest basket by lantern moon,(if you go and check it out its the one on the left) and i bought my only purchase of the night. I was kicking myself the whole ride home, i wish i would have bought some yarn. Amy kept saying that she spent enough for the both of us! Go check out her and all her new habu stuff! That was by far the coolest knitting experience I've had so far! Thanks Amy! Oh yeah, we were almost out to the parking garage and realized that we didn't take any pictures... So here i am posing at the last stitches sign. (take note of the cool basket=)

Alright now i promised a picture of the t-bar shoes i made to match mabel. I have yet to attach the buttons but here is a picture anyways:)

I have to throw in a picture of Gabe and Leah, I'm sure you've all missed them. i haven't posted in two weeks, bad bad blogger.

Leah is now able to roll over from tummy to back and back to tummy. She is also able to get up on her hands and knees and rock!

And who can really rock without a good pair of shades?!hehe

Cute eh?
Ok ok, back to knitting content. I'm trying to design a really cute baby hat, but I'm running into problems. i don't really want to say much about it until i have it complete. Hopefully you'll hear more about it soon. i can say that i lost count(after 7) of how many times I've cast on for it. So i put it down once again and picked up something i haven't touched for quite a while. My Sock! i turned my first heel!!! Its not perfect but my next one will be:) *grin* Amy came over on Friday night and we has a taste test of guacamole.

The content of the packets looked quite different. One had a bunch of white powder in it and the other had lots of yummy spices and had a more natural color to it. The latter of the two tasted better(its the one on the right). As the night went on, the one on the left got brighter green and it kinda scared us=) The other one was eaten.

I think that about wraps it up, i will work on being a better blogger.
Have a happy knitting night!


Stricken madchen said...

Leah looks so happy in all the pictures and so very adorable. ;-) The booties are cute. And I love the basket you got at Stitches. I don't think I've seen that one before. The guacamole looks yummy, although that is scary that the one changed colors like that. I love the rootbeer bottles. (I buy those for special occasions too).

Allena said...

ahh spreichers.. i miss them! guacamole yum!!! you and amy and i have to get together for knitting and what not when we get back in oct...i'm super excited. my DH wants to skate with your DH so they can do that.. LOL leah is getting sooo big. what a lovely girl! and gabe what a cute little man! can't wait to see them again the countdown is sooo almost done!
ps that basket is great! love it!