Friday, September 2

Thanks Tena!

Today I heard someone on the front porch... could it be... Is it the... It is! Its the Mail Man!! He delivered my final SP5 gift! Hubby was almost as excited as I was...Sometimes our excitement for things rubs off on one another! Anyways...I opened it up to see all these goodies!

My pal gave me a skein of Cascade 220 and Classic Elite la Gran Mohair, and the Knit one Felt Two book by Kathleen Taylor. She (Tena) even included things for my kiddos! how sweet is that! Thank you Tena! While taking the picture Gabe was very interested in what I was doing... Right after the picture was taken, he grabbed the lion and tigger rattle, ran and gave the rattle to Leah, and than hugged and cuddled the lion. It was too cute. He knew that those things were meant for him and his sister! I managed to get a picture:

Let me just say that this package came at a perfect time! As you know, if you have been reading, I'm doing some felting projects. Too cool! I had so much fun in this SP event, giving and receiving! I can't wait to start SP6! Thank you again,Tena, for everything! You were a great secret pal!

On a side note, I'm dogie sitting for Amy over the long weekend. Here is the cute little guy we get to have fun with:

Our little Tommy isn't too happy about our new house guest... He's keeping a close eye on Nigel:)


Tena said...

Jessica, I am so glad you like your book and yarn. And the look on Gabe's face...priceless! I really enjoyed being your secret pal and getting to know you and your family. I will continue to read your blog and look forward to keeping in touch. This has been so much fun I think I will sign up for SP6, too. :-)

Stricken madchen said...

Such a cute picture of the kids. ;-) That was so sweet of your pal to include stuff for your kids and adorable that Gabe knew what was for who. My cats would need anti-anxiety meds if a dog ever came to stay with us...hehe.

Allena said...

i have that book too i love the sock/slippers in there! pg 109!!
not to mention the bunny ones! those are super sweet!
i love that pix of the kiddos! LOL tommy's looking good too!