Saturday, September 3

Garden Update

For those of you who don't care to read about my garden adventures, sorry, but this is the "my life" part of my blog:-) Read it anyways, there's lots of pictures, it will be good for ya.*grin*

I took this picture after we went-a-picking... I always do that:( I really need to take a picture with all the ripe tomatoes, then it would really be a pretty picture.

Here is my lil helper:

He sure does love his tomatoes! He was eating them as fast as he could pick them:)
This was a shot of our findings today:

Up in the left is out first yellow pepper. We've had some green ones already. I wish we would have planted red ones. I love red peppers, they are so sweet.

This is a combined shot of today's pickings and the pickings from two days ago. Looks like we have another batch of tomato sauce to make. And for those cherry tomatoes:

My favorite, caprese! Yummy Yummy!

Ok ok, on to knitting. I'm starting a project for hubby. He is a hunter, and recently just bought a bow. He wants me to knit him a sleeve/glove but without fingers. He just wants a hole for his thumb and one for all the other fingers. It will go down past his elbow. The reason he wants this thing: it will be the outer-most layer to hold all his clothing tight against his arm, therefore not hitting the string upon release. He's a bit excited about it and wants me to knit that and only that. I guess that can work, it will motivate me to finish it. Plus I need those needles to complete my first pair of socks:) And hey, if it makes him happy about me knitting why not?! It can only be a good thing.


Allena said...

can't wait till you cook for me! YUM!! LOL
hey you should try growing hot peppers next year and then onions and making your own salsa and canning it..
that arm thingy you're making for you DH sounds like a pretty simple way to get the encouragement needed to knit more! LOL

Tori said...

YUMMMY!!!! I appreciate the garden pics! We didn't plant our veggie garden this year so I'll live vicariously through your pics. MMMM, I'm imagining I'm your little helper right now :-). Take care, Tori

Cheryl said...

Oh I am soooooooooooo jealous! Your veggies look absolutely fantasic and caprese...YUM! Is there anything better? I think not :)