Friday, October 28

"My Precious"

lord of the rings anyone?! That scary little voice pops into my head every once in a while... It seemed fitting. My computer if back!!! Woo hoo! I'm so excited. i can post again and read everyone's blogs... I'm sorry for not keeping up on all of your blogs, i felt bad spending more that half an hour on my parents blog. i will be trying to catch up and see what ya'll have been up to.

Ok well let me see. I have a lot of things that happened this past month or so, but i don't want to bombard you with too much info all at once so I'll post a little bit every day.

I told hubby to not expect the house to be anywhere near spotless these next few days, or weeks who am i kidding it wont be clean for at least a month.*grin* he said that he noticed that the house was generally cleaner since the computer was broke. i just hope he doesn't have a new standard of me now:)

I have a few FO's. First of all i finished my first pair of socks ever and i love them. i want all my socks to be hand knit... If only i had the time.

aren't they lovely, i tried to make identical twins, i think they are pretty close. No, that's not all my yarn, i wish*grin* i worked at a yarn show and my socks were on display. Just some eye candy.

I also made a hat for gabe, he loves it! he was always putting leah's on and its lavender with ruffles... This just not right. So feeling guilty i decided i needed to make him one. i do like making hats they knit up quickly. We went to an apple orchard/ pumpkin farm, they are the only pictures i have of him in the hat. i like the hat because it covers all of his ears, and i don't care if it doesn't match.

*i finished a surprise knit and will show you pictures when the giftee receives it.

These next items were a wedding gift. i did them last minute, but they went very quick. Last year i made 42 of them for gifts to family and friends. Never again. Seaming was the worst part.

I do love them though:)

*Alright by now i just can't seem to stop, so i will continue with all the pictures.*

I never showed a picture of Leah in her dress. I love it and it was worth all the time i put into it and even working on size 2 needles for that large of a project.

The pictures on the right are the first pictures i took of her in it. The last was taken at a wedding we attended.

speaking of leah she is getting so big now:

She is crawling and pulling herself up to a stand, she even kind of walks along the sofa. She got her first tooth a few weeks ago and loves biting the spoon while I'm feeding her:) I can't believe so much time has passed since having her come into out lives. I need to love on gabe too, i can't leave him out. he is talking more and getting tall. Poor little guy has a super tiny waist and he has to wear 24m pants, a lot of the 2T fall down to his knees. i should knit him a belt. Here is a picture of him at his uncle trevors soccer game(almost a month ago, while it was still warm).

What a boy, he was covering himself in dirt.

Now for the best part, i received two gifts in one week.

The first was from my sp5, it was a thank you gift from Diane. What a sweetie.

She sent some cotton chenille so i can make some face cloths, a little flower stick-it note pad, and some super cool knitting note cards(which I've always secretly wanted). Also she made a beautiful stamped card. Thanks so much Diane! Your too kind.

Secondly i received my first gift from my SP6!!! i was so excited to open it. i love getting anything in the mail, but even more when its knitting related!

She sent me a super sweet package. She apologized for not getting it out sooner, but i myself know how that goes, i didn't think it was late at all. She put together a few lace sock patterns for me and two skeins of pink sock yarn! Included was a pattern for baby lace socks, now leah and i can match! Also there was a very soft ball of baby alpaca brush, so So so soft! And i almost forgot to mention the chocolate, yummy yummy, it didn't even last 24 hours*grin* I let gabe help me eat some of the other candy, only a little bit, sorry to say but I'm a bit selfish when it comes to sweets!

Wow sorry about all of that, i probably even forgot a few things. Its just good to get it out of my system. I think this might be my longest post ever, and the one with the most pictures....

I really should be going, i work in the morning
Happy knitting to all!


Kimberly said...

oh it's nice to have you back. I'm glad you got your computer fixed. Aren't knit socks so addicting?? Yours look great and I adore that dress you knit. Perfect!!

Stricken madchen said...

Yes, it's great to have you back. I believe that your kids are even cuter now. ;-) Gabe's hat is adorable and the dress is gorgeous on Leah. Your socks are too cool. I can't believe how close they match! And what fun gifts. I love the cotton facecloths.

anonsp6 said...

yay! i'm so glad to see it got there quickly and in good shape. the spoiling has just begun!


Catherine Kerth said...

cool blog! your going on my bloglines! thanks for your story, you do look young, but not that young! your kiddos are precious, and speaking of lord of the rings gaolum has ALWAYS freaked me out, and i have yet to see any of those epic movies b/c of HIM!!!!