Sunday, October 30

Newbie among us

Hi everyone! A good friend of mine just started a blog. I love it if you could stop by and welcome her to this wonderful world of blogging! She is one of the core members in our knitting group. She can always bring a smile to my face and I'd like to bring one to hers, so go and visit Toni! Here is a picture of her youngest with Leah, what a cutie!

So stop reading and go say hi!

Happy knitting!

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Tori said...

Cute Kiddos! :-). I saw your comment on Knittin' Notes about the guy saying something rude about your age. I'm in an over forties Mom's group with a 3 year old. A lot of people (mostly strangers) have said rude things about me being to old to have a child if they realize how old I am. Some people will find a reason to find fault in anything! Glad our worlds don't have to fit into their narrow view of things ;-)