Friday, June 20

UFO~ no more!

It is done! yippee! *me doing the happy its finished dance*

Project stats

Start date: 2006
End date: June 18th 2008
Yarn: Rowan All Season Cotton
Pattern: Mom's zip-up hoody
Needles: US #7 and #8
Recipient: ME!!!

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Now let me tell you about getting a zipper. Not installing it, buying it. The pattern calls for a dual separating 22" zipper.... Well you can't find those anywhere. I went to any and every craft type of store in the area and couldn't find one. They had lots of them at 26" and up and some around 9" and under... but no 22". Oi. I was bummin. But the only reason it calls for the dual separating zipper is for pregnancy purposes, so you can unzip it to fit a large belly under there. So I gave up after looking on line at about 20 different places. I could custom order one but I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg.

I basted the normal zipper in place and called my friend Paulette to bring over her sewing machine. Before she came over my friend Katie stopped by... she had a bag full of close that she didn't wear and wanted to know if I wanted any of them. As I'm going through the pile of close I pull out an old jean jacket, i don't think much of it. Then i notice its zipper..... a 22" dual separating zipper! No way! Right then and there I thanked God for it. there was no other possible way it could have happened. It was a little gift form God to show he cares about me and the things I care about. How awesome He is!

So I ripped off the other zipper and took out the zipper i needed form the jacket and basted that one to my sweater! Paulette showed up in the middle of all the zipper happenings, and we were all amazed at God's goodness.

Then I got to work. I sewed slowly and cautiously and installed my very first zipper! It turned out pretty well (for my first one anyways)!

I hand sewed in the other side of the zipper, so it will lay nice and flat!

I love my sweater... so much!

Oh... today Amy, Paulette and I are going to see the Yarn Harlot!!!


Karen said...

It's so cute!! I hope you are going to wear it to the Harlot. Have a fabulous time!!

Bobbi said...

It looks GREAT on you!!! Good job!!! Don't be surprised if noone asks you about it...they'll just be thinking you bought it!
Thanks for calling me last night about Harlot. If it weren't for the sudden influx of company in my house, I'd be there in a heartbeat. Have a great time.

Sonya said...

Yay! for a successful zipper installation. I love how you found the zipper too.

sue said...

I cant believe it is finally finished. I remember when you were knitting on it. It looks fantastic, and I love the fact the zipper turned up at the right time too. How wonderful. How lucky are you going to see the Yarn Harlot. I love her books.

DawnK said...

Congratulations! It looked gorgeous, when I saw it on Thursday. I'm glad you found the zipper, that you really wanted and it showed up just when you needed it! That is so cool! I hope you had fun in Chicago today!

Becca said...

The sweater is terrific! You could wear that with anything, I love the stripes. I'm very impresssed with your zipper installing skills.

Have fun with the Harlot!

Suzanne said...

Hey, Jessica,
That sweater is amazing!! You should be very proud. What a work of art. Love all the colors.

physikerin said...

Ooooh it's gorgeous! Excellent job!
God bless,
(physikerin from Ravelry)