Thursday, June 26

last friday...

Alright so where did i leave off?!....

Oh yeah, going to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, aka The Yarn Harlot! We left town around 2 in the afternoon. Meaning plenty of sunlight for car ride knitting:O) (Thanks to Amy who drove) I worked on a present for a friend. (i think she reads this blog, from time to time, so I'll leave it a secret for now. but you can go and see it on ravelry....) here is a picture of me in the back seat!

We did get into some traffic, some stop and go for a little bit. Amy decided it was OK to grab her kitting and knit a bit while we were stopped:O) Paulette didn't like that so much, so it didn't last that long;O)

We made it to Chicago in time to check out the knitting shop that was sponsoring the harlot happenings and went out to eat at a fun little deli called Potbelly. I liked the name quite a bit! then we went to the hotel and got good seats (about 5 rows back).

We met lots of other knitters and saw lots of beautiful knits! This picture is from the back of the room before it filled up... I think it was almost full to the brim when it actually started.

I worked on my SPSS socks and got a good inch or two done on them throughout the whole event.

Now the part we were all waiting on.... Stephanie! and she took pictures of us, like she always dose, and I took one of her, bad lighting though, sorry about that.

She was great to hear speak, I had lots of laughs, and she was encouraging too! It was nice to put a voice to her blog and books, and to get a real sense of her personality, not just on paper.

Then there was the book signing. I think we waited about an hour and a half, but it was a good time where we talked and knitted with others. So it didn't seem like that long. We actually met a knitter who came from Canada ( her husband on a business trip) and she came to see the yarn harlot. What a sweet person she was! She( Mary Jane) was pictured on The Yarn Harlot's blog! Here we are and I'm holding her sock!

After it was all over we hit a Starbucks and headed for home. I'm glad it wasn't me who was driving because I hit the seat and passed out for the last two hours.... (thanks again Amy for driving!) We made it home around 1am. Fun times!


sue said...

Ooh you lucky person you. I wish she would come to Australia one day. I listened to a podcast of her and she sounds so relaxed and funny too. Your sweater looks great. Did she comment on how wonderful it looked.

Allena said...

wow looks like you guys had some fun!
what time does your thurs night knitting meet? i wish we'd be able to make it... sigh

Karen said...

Yeah!!! Glad you had such a great time - and glad you wore the sweater after all!!