Friday, June 6

long time gone

edit* sorry for all of you who already read this post... I forgot to do all the links... they are here now....

Where do I start.... well, yesterdays and today I made this:

Project Stats:
Start date: June 5th

End date: June 6th
Yarn: cotton classic
Pattern: Flower Pacifier Clip
(from the itty-bitty nursery book/this was a free pattern)
Needles: US #3

Recipient: a friend's new baby girl!

super cute, i love it. Chloe modeling it for you all:O)

I went to
visit her in the hospital earlier today, that baby is one cute little peanut!

Lets see... I don't even know where
to start.

1~ I got 4 garbage bags
full of wool, fleece in the raw, meaning I need to pick through it (the vegetable matter and poop) then wash it and decide weater or not I want to card it myself or send it out. With the help of some friends have done a little bit so far...

this picture on the left,and right too, is only one bag... I have a lot of work ahead of me!

2~ I spun up some mohair and wool blended roving. It was so easy to spin, it just slipped though my fingers effortlessly. It practically spun itself. love it. I now have about 573 yards of this yarn.

3~ I'm still alive in Sock Wars... but haven't gotten my SIP's yet... i don't really care anymore and wish my socks would just come and kill me. I'm sick of the waiting.

4~ Joe and I decided that I no longer have to work, once summer is over I'll be a full SAHM!

5~ We have also decided to homeschool this coming year, I'm a bit anxious about that.

6~ I joined a swap, yes another one:O) This one is through ravelry's christian knitter and crocheter's group. Its a Secret Prayer Sock Swap II, I'm excited about it!

7~ I didn't have any yarn that I thought my pal would truly love so I ordered some... (from ruby sapphire yarns i got a discount for being in the swap!) and some for me;O) really I couldn't decide which one she would like so I ordered
all 3 and picked one for her when they came to my door. All lovely.

8~ this is the one I picked for her.

9~ I'm still weaving in ends on my sweater... but the good news is that I only have one arm's worth of ends to go!!! I'm almost done!

10~ We've decided to put our house up for sale... the Realtor came over to day to get all the specks of the house and hopefully by early next week we'll be good to go!

11~ I'm now realizing that I'm going to have to keep my house super clean and DE-CLUTTERED... please pray for me ;O) With 3 little ones its going to be ch

12~ We got a new stove last week! it has a convection fan in it! and a glass top, easy cleaning.

13~ We planted most of our garden, everything except the tomatoes that we started from seed we saved from last year

14~ My baby is growing up... and that makes me sad.

15~ We also got a new vacuum, a Dyson. It works really well!

16~ I had lots of fun at my LYS sheering days/open house. I convinced them to give one of the llama's a mohawk:O)

17~ I think that's it... or at least that is all I can think of.


Allena said...

oh you'll do fine homeschooling!
i'm sooo jealous of all that spinning,i need to learn.
i'm so glad you get to stay home!
i love that yarn you picked for your SPSS2 where did you get it? i actually loved all of it esp the skein on the right purple and green!
also do you have a link for that paci holder? it's super cute ok 20 questions are done. don't stay gone too long

sue said...

How exciting to stay home with your kids. You wont know yourself. I hope the house sale goes well for you too. The yarn all looks beautiful that you bought, and the skeins that you spun too. Clever girl that you are. I love the pacifier clip, is that from the Itty Bitty books.

Becca said... have a lot going on! Love that pacifier holder!! You're selling your house? Where are you moving to? My wish is that your house sells as easily as mine did, minus the termite scare.

You'll do great homeschooling. If you are feeling like this is the right thing for your family, have faith. That's all you need. Well, you can remind yourself that you can't possbily do worse than the public schools. That helps.

Lastly, dang! That's a lotta wool.

Suzanne said...

First, I love your sweatshirt. My son is a US Marine!! Second, are ya sure your not just a little too busy?? :) Gracious! The wool looks like work, but sounds like fun. The pacifier is adorable, and the sock yarn is just beautiful. Will pray for the move, and homeschool. I did that for 2 yrs. with two of my kids. They did go back to school, it was more for bullying issues that the school was turning a blind eye to. Long story, but you'll do great. Its really not that hard. Glad your back, you were missed.

Amy Lu said...

Ummmm, I kinda feel like I don't know you anymore! I only knew a handful of all that stuff!!!


Wow! Your life has been so full! Maybe we can catch up over a nice table of warm, poopy wool sometime? (grin)

Love ya!

Eileen said...

The pacifier holder is very cute!

I am a SAHM and also a homeschooling mom. My oldest is graduating this year and my 5 year old will start kindergarten (at home) in the fall. Have fun! I love homeschooling! I love being a SAHM! Well....most of the time on both counts. :-)

Karen said...

Wow, a lot of news in one post. Hurray for being a SAHM. You will do a wonderful job home-schooling. Best of luck with the house-selling. Love your handspun yarn, you are so talented. That fleece looks like a big job, but think of all the yarn you will end up with!!! Love the new stove. :)

DawnK said...

Wow, good luck with everything. The pacifier clip is so cute! The sock yarn is pretty! I have a lone gazania plant, at the end of my yard that is standing in water. Ugh. I'm wondering if I should just yank it out, until it all drains and then put it back!

Good luck on keeping the house clean with three little ones. I had to do that for 2 months, with a 3-1/2 yo and a just-turned 1-year-old, while also working 32 hours/week! I felt like all I did was clean! Fortunately, our house sold in 2 months, so that was good.

I bet you'll be a great homeschooler! Are you going to work with Leah, too, along with Gabe? I've seen very successful home-schooled kids, with some email friends of mine.