Tuesday, June 17

Give me a Z

give me a I
give me a P
give me a P
give me a E
give me a R

What does that spell? ZIPPER!

That is all that is in my way of this 3 year old UFO!!!!

I finished weaving in the ends on Sunday, and seamed it together on Monday... I love it and can't wait until its completely finished!

Hmmm now to master the art of zipper installation.... Hopefully I'll update you all soon with a FO report!

my house is super clean(and officially for sale)! Lets just hope I can keep it that way:O) For those who want to know, we have just out grown out house... all of the kids are in one bedroom, which is fine for a few more years but soon Gabe will need to be on his own. So we thought we'd give selling it a try...


Allena said...

zippers are super easy follow the directions!
if you get stuck ask mom, she def knows how to sew in a zipper!
i can't wait to see it done.

Sonya said...

Adorable sweater! Don't sweat the zipper. If I did it, I'm sure you can. ;o) I hope your house sells easily. We've had several houses for sale in our neighborhood for quite a while and a couple have just recently sold.

Karen said...

Looks great!!! I fear zippers on knit wear . . . I'm pretty bad with them on fabric so I can't imagine trying to sew one into a sweater. You are braver than me!!!

Best of luck with the house!

DawnK said...

I've put in lots of zippers on things I've sewn, but I've never done it on a sweater! Hopefully it's not too hard and you will be finished soon!

Congratulations on getting all those ends sewn in! I know that was quite a job!

Good luck selling your house!

Samantha said...

The FO looks great! Good luck selling your house. :)

Anonymous said...

It look beautiful!!!!
And Yes I will help you put the zipper in this weekend.

Elise said...

Ohhh! I was catching up on my blog-reading, and saw this. How cute! What pattern is it? I would love to make one for myself and for my sisters! :)