Friday, November 16

Where do I start?!

I love bloging but sometimes it takes up too much of my life, so that is why I haven't been doing it on a regular basis.

Anyways, I have quite a few things to blog
about. First of all my oh so sweet hubby ran into some extra money at work(a tip from the boss) and said that I could buy anything I wanted! I know so cool! Anywho I went and checked out Tammy at the faery fiber etsy shop. I noticed that on the SAM kal4 blog that she was giving a discount to members! So I went there and checked it out, she had an additional 20% off for her grand opening sale, total that is 40% woo hoo!!! So I ordered 2 skeins of merino superwash sock yarn. Sales Rock!

Hippy Chick



Aren't they pretty?!

My mother has a baby shower to go to and asked me to make a hat for a soon to be baby boy. I just made it and think it turned out really cute! It is made out of crystal palace iceland, only 48sts around, it pretty much fits Chloe, I still need to get a picture of her in it :O)

I'm teaching some classes out at my LYS, one is for mittens and the other is for the toastie tootsies pattern my sister wrote. I did modify it a bit and used the magic cast on, I soooo love it! I'm going to use it whenever I can!

One last thing. A friend of mine just found out that she has breast
cancer. She sort of put up a wall and is acting like its no big deal. But I know that it has to be just crazy and scary to find that out out of nowhere. So I wanted to knit her something. I thought of socks, but don't really have the time. (I'm tyring to knit family gifts for Christmas, thats a whole other post in its self) Anyways I found this patten from and knew it would be the perfect little knit item for her to put a smile on her face. I also gave her a card telling her that I'm keeping her in prayer, and have been thinking about her a lot.

I hope you don't take offense to this, I'm just tyring to share :O)

After I gave it to her she gave me such a warm hug and thanked me, then proceeded to show everyone what I made for her ;O) "look at my boob Jessica made for me!" Needless to say, she loved it!

If you think about it, please pray for her and that God will be in control, her surgery is on monday.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


sue said...

You never can tell who is going to be afflicted with the disease. Paul's cousin's wife had it a few years ago and has recovered now which is fantastic. I do hope that everything goes well for your friend too. I love all your yarn, you lucky woman. They are such beautiful colors. I like the little baby hat too, so cute.

Allena said...

i love that yarn and the boob! it's the best. you're an awesome friend.
the hat is really cute.
can't wait to see you on THURS!!!!!!

Allena said...

PS.. i tried that toe!!! it's great! it's a little hard at first with DPNs but it truely is awesome. for the toasty tootsies pattern do you use 2 circs?

Beth said...

You knitted a boob!!! LOL!!! I never expected to read that in your blog!! LOL! That is so great! I love it!

Tammy said...

I can't wait to see the socks you make with your new yarn.

Love the boob ;)

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