Wednesday, November 7

HSS2 package arrived!

Look what I found on my porch!

Sophie, my pal was so thoughtful and gathered together a bunch of gifts from some of the students and professors at Hogwarts....

They all included little notes along with their gifts.

First of all the socks, knee highs! so cool and warm, just in time for this cold weather! And such a pretty cable up the center. And they fit my chubby little legs like a glove ;O)

So much stuff in the package I'll just make a list and tell you who they were from.

*the socks ~ Molly Weasley
*a mini Pigwidgeon ~ Ron

*US #3 dpns ~ Hagrid
*COFFEE! ~ Harry
*stitch markers ~ Luna Lovegood
*a bookmark ~ Hermione
*Chocolate ~ Remus Lipin
*an embroidered handkerchief ~ Dumbledore
*a re-usable shopping bag ~ Ginny
*Hufflepuff banner ~ Cho Chang

This little guy is one of my favorites, isn't he cute?!

What a well thought out package, thanks so much Sophie (aka Megan)! I'm so glad we got paired up, its been fun getting to know you, lets keep in touch!


Sonya said...

What a wonderful package to find on your doorstep! I particularly love the owl.

Jen Smith said...

Wow, that is one of the best packages I've seen in these Hogwarts swaps. What an awesome partner you had!

Yay for Hufflepuff!

sue said...

What a great package, and I love the owl too. You were obviously paired up with a very lovely person who spoilt you very well. Hope you enjoy it all which I am sure you will, and the socks look great too.

Allena said...

love that package! those socks are awesome! i love the pidwidgon! he's sooo cute!

Sophie Featherblade said...

I'm so glad you like it! I'm sorry it was so late in getting to you :(

I really can't express how happy I am we got paired up! You are an amazing swap partner!


I wear my socks at least once a week :D