Wednesday, November 7

I have yarn people!

Spinning rocks, I just love it! I wish I had roving to spin when I wanted to.... I *need* to build my fiber stash up!

So here it is in all its glory, I'm really happy with it!

It turned out to be approx 480yards
and 14-15 wpi. I think it will make a thicker sock, but not too thick. Its not completely even but that is the beauty of handspun yarn. I can't wait to knit with it! But I think I need to do some Christmas knitting first... bummer. Maybe just a few inches?! No no then I'll get carried away;O)

well, we'll see if I can resist the temptation or not.

Here is yet another pic, I was having fun with it! can you tell? This is now my centerpiece on my kitchen table, I could stare at it all day long! Its better than wine, that's for sure!

Hope your all having a wonderful week!


sue said...

Jessica your yarn looks beautiful. I dont know how you people create such gorgeous yarn, but I am sure they will become really lovely socks. By the way, the Essential Baby book is really really good.

Christy said...

These are such gorgeous hanks of yarn! You did a fantastic job.

Bobbi said...

Yummy! I am SO afraid to learn to spin!!! I can see it being completely habit forming.

Allena said...

wow wonderful! you're so talented. I'll take some for christmas! no need to knit it up... LOL
i can't wait to see what it looks like as socks!

Amy Lu said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

Now I have to learn how to spin....

Karen said...

Gorgeous! I'm so impressed.