Saturday, November 3

I couldn't wait any longer...

I told myself that I wasn't going to start spinning this kool aid dyed roving until I finished my handspun sweater/shrug thing. HA!

I couldn't help it, I had to spin... Now I've never spun yarn for socks but I'm trying... I'm not sure if I should 2ply it or use the Navajo ply to help the colors stay more solidish. Any spinners out there have any tips, suggestions? I'd gladly take them!

I am close to having a full bobbin and can't wait to see what it looks like off the bobbin and all plied. I think I'm going to do some samples and see how it looks with the different ply methods.

I knit this little sock up the other night, isn't it cute?! Amy gave me this key chain sock blocker probably about a year ago.... Better late than never, right?!

I also cast on for my November socks. They are for Leah and I'm using up some yarn I had dyed, with kool aid, and made socks out of them a while ago. She has been asking for some and I thought this month I could take it easy and knit a child size pair. I used a new technique to me, the magic cast on for toe up patterns. Its really cool! I suggest trying it if you haven't already. No provisional cast on no Kitchener at the end... Just knit knit knit! Way cool! I doing two at once, 3x2 rib, nothing fancy.


Bobbi said...

I absolutely LOVE the magic cast on!

sue said...

The yarn looks beautiful. Is there a tutorial for the magic loop cast on, or a book to use. I would like to try it out one day as everyone says it is much easier.

Friender said...

The yarn you're spinning is gorgeous! You're so talented.