Friday, October 26

much needed rest

Makes a happy mommy!

That retreat last weekend was just what I needed! I didn't get as much done as I hoped to but it was so relaxing! It is so awesome getting to know people on a deeper level. Out at LLBC you actually have time to really talk, I LOVE it! We all decided that we need to figure out how to get out there every other month.... We'll see how that goes!

I worked a bit on my pomatomus socks... then when I got home realized that I didn't transfer 3sts and had to rip out part of some decreased on the gusset the heel turn and the heel flap...

But I was able to work on them while two friends and I were out on the paddle boats, they paddled and I got to just sit there and knit :O) I swear I didn't plan it like that!

So here are some pics of the scenery out on the lake, so pretty. If you can remember the pictures I took and posted about in September... same place just different colors.

Did I say I love it out there yet?!

But then again who wouldn't?

I also spun all the fiber I brought out there! and then remembered that I needed to wash and set it before I could knit with it... But at least its all spun up! And I did knit all the the yarn I had spun previously... I'm hoping that I'll have enough yarn to make this cardigan/shrug to my liking. Oh and just in case, I Navajo plyed it, I really like the way it turned out, I ca
n't wait to wear my first handspun hand knit garment!

Here is a little preview.

And here is how far I've gotten on the pomatomus sock. I'm hoping to finish this one and knit the next one by the end of October... HA, I know, funny. But I'm going to try! For the SAM4 kal... I've got six days, I better get of this computer and go knit, I mean make lunch for the kids, then knit ;O) Wish me luck, or am I just crazy?!


Renee said...

I love your poma-whatever socks. I made one of those last year and should really make an effort to make the other. I'm glad you got a nice break.

sue said...

Your getaway looks so lovely. The handspun looks so pretty knit up too, and the color looks beautiful.

Becca said...

That is a gorgeous sock. I'm going to have to try that pattern someday, even though it's not toe up. I'm not going to have any October socks for the SAM4 KAL and I'm not very happy about it.

Sonya said...

What a beautiful setting! I think you picked the perfect yarn for your pomatomus socks.

Holly said...

(Gasp)Look at those socks!!! And the sweater in progress!
You are doing some great knitting :~)

Diane said...

LOVE the socks! What a great colorway. Someday I'll get back into knitting socks--I have to try that pattern. Glad the retreat was so relaxing. It looks beautiful!

Sophie Featherblade said...

Hey! I'm just popping in to say that I was a little confused about the send out date for HSS2, so your package probably won't get to you by Halloween, seeing as I'll be mailing it on Monday morning. I can't wait for you to get all of your awesome goodies, though, and I"m so excited that we got paired up.

Much love and more later,
Megan (Sophie) :D

Karen said...

The sock is beautiful . . . but the sweater!! WOW! I'm so impressed. It looks great and it blows my mind that you spun the yarn yourself! Wow.