Friday, October 5

Just a quick Post

I have been knitting I just haven't been on the computer much. When I am I've been updating my stash and projects on Ravelry...

I banged these out in the last week for one of my best friends. We had talked about making a blankie with tags on it. So I made this Baby Genus Burp cloth from Mason Dixon Knitting, and sewn some bits of satin ribbon on the corners.

Babies always play with the tags on things and I think the soon to be little one will love it!

I decided a few weeks ago
that I should organize and throw a shower for her.... I've been a little busy. It was last night and it went well! It was a surprise, it was fun! I'm glad its over, I'd never thrown a party before, I was stressed for a few days ;O)


sue said...

Ah I have seen you online at Ravelry but I dont think you can chat to each other whilst your on. I too have been uploading my finished projects but I am too scared to take pics of all my yarn and put it on there. Eek what a horrible job that would be. I love the tag blanket, so cute.

DawnK said...

Cute cloth! The ribbons were a great addition, since babies like to rub satin-y things!