Monday, October 15


That's how I feel today. I was up at 3:30, went to work, came home, did some shopping, picked G up from school, fed them lunch, TRIED to put them all down for a nap. But that didn't happen. So I left them up in their room while i did my bible study(I'm tring to stay on track, the kids aren't cooperating) I threw some veggies and meat in the crock pot for dinner. L fell asleep, G and C didn't. Then C did! Then G woke her up. argh. I started to fold 3+ loads of laundry. They have been driving me crazy lately. Horrible I know. I would just like a few minutes to myself in a day, when I don't get that I feel a bit claustrophobic. Usually Hubby has off on Mondays for a care group, we go to every other week. Today he has to work. Actually its because he asked off for Friday and Saturday. Which is a good thing! I get to go away to a crafters retreat. I should be more excited than I am today.

I'm going to try and perk myself up by blogging.

Last week Hubby and I went with G on his first Field trip! We visited a local apple orchard. It was also his first time on a school bus, He loved it!

It was fun to see him interact with other kids outside of home and under the authority of someone other than us.

On the knitting front I've been busy knitting on a
handspun cardigan for me and a little purple one for L.

I don't have a good picture of mine yet.... I'll get around to it sometime.

Oh I finally sent out my HSS2 socks to my pal Sophie, and she got them, so now I can post pics of them!

Here they are on the home made sock blockers!

And here they are off of them along with some stitch markers I made to match them! I love them so much, I love the mix-matchiness of them! I just hope they fit her well, I've not made socks for a stranger... She just sent me a quick e-mail saying that she got them and loved everything, but she had to go to work so it wasn't a lenghty message...

The pattern was conwy from Knitting on the Road. I really liked the pattern, and will definitely knit them again!


sue said...

Trips with the kids at school is always a great thing. We get to go to the Melbourne Zoo soon and I got picked to escort the kids too. I cant wait. I love the conway socks, I had looked at that pattern, but now seeing your beautiful ones makes me want to make some. I hope your mood improves, I have days like that too where I feel as though I accomplish nothing and the kids are driving me insane.

Karen said...

The socks look great - I love the way you reversed the colors. I'm sure your pal adores them. Hang in there with the kids - I can imagine it's not easy sometimes, but I bet everything will be back on track soon.

Friender said...

I think every stay-at-home mom feels that way, at least sometimes. It's hard to always be home with them and have them constantly *with* you.

The socks are lovely! And you made stitch markers! How'd you do that? I'd love to make some.

Allena said...

those socks are great! can you believe that there are NO apple picking orchards around here! there are orchards just none we can pick at.... so depressing!
you guys look like you had fun!

Anne said...

I find that what I need is 'head space' - just those few minutes to think my own thoughts without someone whining "Mummeeeee" at me. Hang on in there for that crafters' retreat. (And no, you're not at all horrible!)

Those socks are gorgeous - I seem to have lost my sock mojo at the moment, but those could tempt me back...