Wednesday, October 31

Just in the nick of time!

I'm so happy they are done!

Start Date: August
End Date: October 30th

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill (Gypsy Rose)

Pattern: Pomatomus from Knitty by Cookie A.
Needles: US # 2 Addi Turbos (2 circulars) Recipient: Me!

I LOVE this pattern, so pretty and its very stretchy too! Oh and don't get me started on the yarn, I've been wanting to try Cherry Tree Hill out for the longest time, and I'm soooo happy I did. Its so squishy and soft, I will definitely be buying more! I got it from The Loopy Ewe. Love that place too,
If only I had a bigger yarn budget ;O)

Here they are on my homemade sock blockers. Notice the way the colors pooled differently on each sock. At first it bothered me but now I don't really care, if I wanted matching socks I'll go out and buy some. They scream I'm a hand knit pair of socks!

After the photo shoot this morning, I haven't taken them off. So comfy and warm! Here they are on the pumpkins on our front porch steps.

Now I need to figure out what pair of socks I'm to knit for November... Leah's been asking for some.... hmmm


Karen said...

Good for you!!! I love them, they came out great. That patterns been on my To Knit list forever. :)

Holly said...

Yay-you did it! They look great :~)