Friday, May 20

To clean.

last night I had my knitting friends over at my house. I had a blast! I cleaned too:)

why is it that when you are going to have company over you have the need to clean?! Why do I want my house to look nice for others? Is my family not good enough to clean for? No that's not it... I do clean on a regular basis, but this burst of cleaning energy seems to come out when I know someone is coming over. Very odd.

I got a lot of progress done on the mabel dress. Its about 5 inches now! I can't wait to see the final product! I have a 2 new projects that I think I want to start. First I need to find yarn and buy it, then I can get going on them. They are both from . One is a nursing tank called peek a boob. Cleaver I know:) the other is a hoodie, called mariah. Well I need to get going on dinner.


Christy said...

There was just a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond on last night that started with them cleaning up for company. My husband and I were laughing so hard because it is true...we only "really" clean the house when we have people over. So, when the house gets really bad, I plan a party. It forces us to get to work!

Allena said...

LOL i'm the same way! i just got done cleaning to have people over to say goodbye to Kelly and her family.
i want to make that peek a boob tank too! i'm excited to see that i was just wishing i could make a pattern for that specific thing!
well gotta go marinate some ribs! TTYL Love ya