Saturday, May 21


Ok, I'm so excited to write about my day. It was shearing days at out at my lys Bahr Creek Llama & Fiber Studio. It was lots of fun... I got to see them sheer llamas(hence the shearing days) and see how cute they look afterwards. Here is a picture of MR.

Isn't he a cutie?! Here is one of him all trim and proper:) he he

What sweet animals! Here is a picture of them playing and frolicking in their field. Which is behind the shop. Aren't we (my knitting group) lucky to be able to see the creatures from which we are knitting:)?! I think so!

so pretty!And it was such a beautiful day out. It was almost prefect, not terribly hot and just warm enough to not have a sweatshirt on, it was great!

alright, so here is my news:

I learned how to spin! It was so cool! My teachers made it look so easy...It took some coordination. I must say that it is very relaxing. I told my hubby that I knew what I wanted for Christmas:) *grin* actually I don't think we will be able to afford one for quite a while ... But in my dreams I would buy one tomorrow!

So I think something else cool might have happened but i can't remember... maybe i will, and in that case i'll post again later... happy knitting

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Allena said...

i'm SO jealous of you!