Sunday, May 22


My mother went back to Indiana yesterday and picked up a few things that my sister (dawn) had been borrowing while she was in school. She is moving out to Colorado and doesn't want to take much with her. My mom took an empty van down and brought back a bed, a sewing machine, a bike, and some other stuff.

When we went down for the graduation dawn took my mom and I to a poetry painting place, for mothers day. It was a bunch of fun. I painted a mug for my daily coffee fix:) To get to the point... My mom brought back the mug today! I was so excited to see how it turned out...

Isn't it cool?! I thought so. I took my time with it, and I'm glad I did. Here is a picture of the inside:

I've been knit, knit, knitting away at the mabel dress. I still have a few more inches to go on the front panel. Its so hard to keep doing the same old thing... I want cables, I want yarn overs, I want so much more! Soon very soon... I've got knitting to do, so until next time... be good.

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Allena said...

i love that mug.... i wanna go to a place like that!
i hope all is well with dawn and stuff i haven't heard from her in a while....LOL