Thursday, May 12


Over the weekend we took a trip down to Indiana. My oldest sister, Dawn, graduated with a master of arts in counseling, from Grace College. Here is a picture of the fam:

From left to right: Leah, Jessica (me), Joe, my mother Dorinda, my sister Dawn, my little brother Trevor, my dad Allen and Gabe

It was beautiful there, well into the 70's. I was kicking myself for not wearing a dress, it would have been much cooler. Here in WI its warm one day and snowing the next. You never do know what the weather is going to be like. But in Indiana all the trees had leaves and it was so pretty... I was jealous when we drove back to see bare trees and cold windy days. Oh well I'm over it now... I know our day will come when its nice out, someday:)

it was so nice there that leah wore her dress and didn't even need a blanket

She was soo cute!

We stayed at a hotel with a pool, and gabe loved it! This was his first experience with a real pool. I say "real" because last year he did play in his kiddie pool in the back yard, but that doesn't compare.

here he is getting ready to go in the pool. He was such a dare devil... He loved "jumping"(stepping off of the edge) in to daddies arms. I think he is going to be a little fish this summer.

On the knitting front I made a good amount of progress on the mabel dress. I was able to knit in the van, my parents drove the whole way down. I have a good 6 inches done, which is a lot when your knitting on size 2 needles. Tonight is knitting at the lys, so I'll post pictures of my progress later tonight or tomorrow.

until then... happy knitting:)


Allena said...

i'm so sad that i missed it! the pix are great! i haven't gotten a pix of Dawn in a while! Gabe is growing up so cute. he's a fun little man!
joe's hair cut looks nice!
tell everyone HI for me and give them my love!
i can't wait to see pix of the dress!

Christy said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family!

The Indiana weather isn't too great tonight. We're having a really big storm right now.

Oh well...c'est la vie.