Friday, September 26

has it been a month already?!

Seriously i don't know how i let it happen. I love blogs, reading others, seeing what everyone is up to and updating mine. But some how i just don't get around to it. I think some of it has to do with Ravelry, some with Facebook, and some with the fact that i am so busy lately.

If your not on ravelry then you haven't seen some of my recently finished objects....

But before that let me tease you with a picture of cheesecake! I made it for my church. They had an auction to raise money for the youth group! Oh i found the recipe here! I love it, the only additional thing is that when it is done i turn off the oven and open the door, for about an hour, then i let it cool at room temp on a rack then i put it in the fridge.

ok so i made....

a swiffer cover:

my own design... if you can call it that...

I just CO 25sts and knit for 62 garter stitch ridges. then bound off and seamed up the sides.

a hat for the yarn shop:

a sample for a class i'm going to teach.

a sweater for Chloe:

The Weasly Sweater from Charmed Knits

a baby for Chloe:

Basic Doll, from Toys to Knit

Leah is now mad because "I want the dolly with yewllow haor, and not bown, i don't yike bown"

I've come to the conclusion that i can't please everyone.

a sweater for a friend who just had a baby along with a hat that i forgot to take a pic of:

It is an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern, Modular Tomten Jacket. This was my first EZ pattern and I LOVE it.... need to make more for my kids! So cute and easy!!! I have the pattern in The Opinionated Knitter

Chloe modeling it... i know she is almost 2... but i wanted Stephanie to be able to have him wear it in a few months... it being big on him now with the cuffs turned up and then being able to wear it next year too!

a soaker for another friend who had a baby(both friends had them on the same day)

Pattern found on Ravelry...

the curly purly soaker

*OH which by the way... If i ever have another baby i want to cloth diaper... because these are too stinkin' cute! and i got it done in one day!

and i have been having raw stinky fun cleaning some Romney fleece! See all the yellowish lanolin?! This fiber is really white! I have 2 fleece down and 2 to go! Thanks to my friend Paulette, she came over the other day and helped a bunch!

oh and i'm knitting some socks.... yes for SAM KAL.... I am test knitting a pattern for my sister! I am loving it and hoping that i'll have it finished by 12 o-clock on the 30th! I have more accomplished than whats pictured.... but not too much more.

Oh so homeschooling is going well.... We are using Five in a Row, and Reading Made Easy.... more on that subject for another day...

knit happy!


DawnK said...

One word. YUMMY! I love strawberries and cheesecake!

The sweaters are all so cute! No wonder you haven't had time to blog. You've been BUSY! I've been busy, but busy away from home and not much time to knit or blog.

The socks are so pretty! I really need to start another pair.

Good luck with the Romney fleece.

sue said...

Oh those sweaters are so cute. For some reason I couldnt see all your pictures. Glad to see you back blogging again too.

Suzanne said...

The cheesecake looks wonderful! So do all your great projects. You were missed!

Anonymous said...

i have bookmarked that recipe and cant wait to try it this week! i am addicted to cheesecake!

love your little projects and the dolly is too cute!

Anonymous said...

You've been getting a lot of knitting done, that's awesome! I love everything!!!! I can't seem to find much time or energy to knit lately. I've been working on the same sock forever (months!). Then I still have the second sock to do! Sigh.

I'm glad homeschooling is going well. I ended up putting my daughter in public school kindergarten. I just can't homeschool right now, I'm overwhelmed.

Bobbi said...

You may not have blogged, but you have been busy knitting! Congrats.