Wednesday, October 1

I got my "S"

Yep i finished my September socks! but not the "normal" sized ones that are for me. I realized that i wasn't going to be able to finish them on time so yesterday i CO for a little pink pair for Chloe! They turned out cute! I like them and so does she!

Project Stats:

Start Date: September 30th
End Date: September 30th
Yarn: Cascade 220 superwash
Pattern: Basic Stst, heel flap, 2x2 rib cuff.
Method: 2 at a time on 2 circulars, toe up, (toe up heel flap formula!)
Needles: us#3

I am still cleaning my wool... thought it is getting cold out now and i really want to finish it soon... and get it sent out so i can spin it... and then knit with it!

On a non fiberous note:
Joe and I are going to go and see the movie Fireproof tonight. It sounds really good... can't wait to see it for myself. I've been told to bring tissues...


Allena said...

love the socks!
have fun at the movie LMK if it's good or not

DawnK said...

Those socks are so cute! I can see why Chloe likes them.

Have fun at the movie. Gary and I want to see it, too.

Sarah/ sHeknitsone said...

Aww, sock love! BTW: My parents went to see Fireproof saturday and they thought it was the best movie they've seen in a long time, so hav fun!

Suzanne said...

The socks are too cute!! How'd you all like the movie??

Shelley said...

A cute pair of socks!

ali said...

Hi! Your socks look wonderful!

I am dying to see Fireproof. I have heard that is really good.

(Teachingmyown from Ravelry)

Birdseed said...

I found your blog. Wow. You rock my socks! I can't believe how much you do....The Cheesecake looks amazing.