Thursday, August 28


I can't believe myself... I finished a pair of socks well before midnight of the deadline. A few days actually! whoo hooo!!! finished them on 8/27/08!!!

I wanted to keep them a suprise for my SPSSII pal....

Here are my August socks for the Sock-a-Month KAL

Start Date: June?
End Date: August 27th

Froot Loop
Ruby Sapphire Yarns
Recipient: My sock swap partner!

Needles: US #1's addi turbo's

Method: top down, 2 at a time, on 2 circulars

These socks took a back seat for a couple of months... I was on sock burn-out from Sock Wars.... but since picking them back up last week I loved working on them!

Now I want to start my next pair! Thanks to SAM KAL and my ocd as to n0t miss a month I am once again addicted to sock knitting!

What to knit for my next pair?!!!!

I also sent along to my pal some stitch markers that i made! (also some chocolate and a little book, thanks to my sister suggestion)

About a week ago I was presented with this blog award from

Nikki. I was suprised when i found this little bit of happiness waiting for me in my inbox, so thanks for recognizing me(even though my posts lateley are few and far between....) It made me smile!

The rules for the "I Love Your Blog" award are:
1. Link back to the person who gave you the award. (check)
2. Include the award on your blog.(check)
3. Pass it on to 7 worthy bloggers with links to their blogs on yours. (check)
4. Notify your recipients(tomorrow....)

I would like to pass on this award to some blogs that i do love... even thought i haven't had the time to read lately.... i will be back soon, promise! here we go: Karen, Becca, Allena, Faith, Amanda, Lynds and Emily!


Karen said...

The socks came out great - your pal is going to love them. And thanks so much for the Blog Award!! I'm so flattered!

Allena said...

the socks are great!
thanks for the award.

Rebecca Jo said...

Your socks are BEAUTIFUL! What a nice color - perfect for the upcoming Fall!!! There's nothing like finishing a pair of socks!!!