Saturday, March 22

When there is no knitting content...

Blog about your kids. That is my fall back plan.

Day 82 (March 22nd)

Leah decided to dress herself while she should have been
sleeping.... she came down the stairs looking like this!

It reminded me of that friends episode where Joey put on all of Chandlers clothes.

Please don't look at the mess behind her... called my life;O) Actually its not really that bad, I've been keeping up with things.

I need to go through the kids toys, but I don't even know where to start. They have so many, and I want to weed them out. Toys are always all over the place and sometimes I don't even think they play with them. They just dump and dump and play with one or t
wo things. They do clean up with some encouragement but I'm just sick of the mass of it all. Anyone have any tips on how to get started?! We'd like to put our house up for sale and upgrade a bit(all 3 are in the same room), so I'd like to clear out now, rather than when it is for sale. I'm always a last minute type of person, as you can tell with my SAM5 kal, but I'd like to at least try and change.


Christy said...

I just went through a bunch of toys. I got two big plastic trash bags and one was for broken toys and the other was for donations. I ended up filling two big trash bags to give away (1 of trash) and I still think there are too many toys! I'm going to have to do it again soon.

Good luck!

oh yeah--I saw that you were one of the featured designers on the people pages on ravelry. Woohoo!

DawnK said...

I think Leah is ready for spring, too! Her shirt looks springy and she found a pair of shorts, as well! LOL!

We dumped so many Happy Meal toys, as the kids got older. It was very liberating!

Allena said...

lol i love it!
we went through and had each kid (or i helped) pick 20 toys each. and got rid of everything else. well really its in the basement waiting for goodwill or something. after christmas though i think we need to re go through things.
it was a whole day affair!