Friday, March 21

Its been a while...

Two weeks to be exact. I'm in a blogging funk i guess you could say. I just don't have much to blog about.

I could tell you all about the sickness that has been lumming around me and my family for what seems like months... The flu, colds, strep throat, sinus infections.... I and most of my family have had all of these, within the last month or so. ugh!

Where are you spring?!

that's my question. I'm sick of being sick and being couped up in the house, and so are the kids.

Actually yesterday we got outside and played with some chalk! It was sunny and wonderful.

then today.... more snow.

yes that is snow covering our lovely chalk drawings. That's it, I draw the line there.

I'm just plain done.

As for knitting I'm working on some socks for my M for march in the sam5 kal. Also I have thousands of ends calling to me to be woven in but I just don't want to. I have no motivation. There is also a surprise project that I can't speak of on this blog... All I can say is that is is for a long time friend who is a fan of this blog.... you people that are on ravelry can go and check it out...

I'll try to have more to say soon... Hopefully I'll be in the mood when I'm healthy.... if that ever happens.

Oh if your interested in the picture a day... go check them out on Flickr.


rainberry said...

I'm really sick of the snow too. I'm ready for spring and flowers!

Suzanne said...

Hope you and your family feels better soon. I love your blog, and have missed it. We got 10 inches last night, but woke to beautiful sunshine today. Have a blessed easter.