Friday, March 7

Day 67 & a FO

Day 67 (March 7th)

This is my new tea pot! I paid under $7 for it. I'm starting a new diet and you are to drink lots of different teas. I've never really drank much tea before so I never had a tea pot... So here it is, in all its cheapness ;o) I figure if i really like tea that much I can buy a nicer one, if i happen to cross that road.

While on my trip two weeks ago I completed a project.

Project stats:

Start Date: February
End Date:
February 17th
Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Cotton Print
Needles: US 8, (straits) US 5 (double points)
Pattern: Elisa Nest tote

I made this for my LYS as a sample, it went rather quickly. Hurray for car knitting!


Allena said...

what's this new diet?

Beth said...

Wow! You are a blogging machine!! I love your blog! You are so creative in everything that you do! Gotta love that!