Saturday, January 6

A new year.

So its 2007 already... Can you believe it?! I already have 2 FO's. I'm teaching two different classes at the yarn shop and Brigitte asked if I'd knit up some samples for the shop. Of course I said yes and for some reason I get motivated to knit for others, way more than I do for myself. Last Saturday I ran out to the shop and got the yarn, and by spinning night on Tuesday both projects were finished.

The first was yet another pair of Toastie tootsies, the toe up slipper socks. We (the shop) just got a new line of yarn in, Brown Sheep's Lambs Pride, Its a fabulous wool with just a touch of mohair in it to give a glow to your knitting. Brigitte picked out the color, one I never would have chose myself. While knitting it I grew to love the color. After felting them I tried them on and debated not bringing them to the shop. Seriously. But I did size them for Brigitte, and did tell her that I would knit them for her, so I did give them to her, reluctantly. She loves them!

Secondly I knit up a purse that I wrote the pattern for. Remember the brick red and brown one form a month or so ago?! Well anyways I made a new one for the shop. I finished it just in time to go spinning on Tuesday. It came out of the washer about an hour before I left.

Spinning was so much fun. I love spinning at home, but there is just something about being with other spinners, you feel like part of a community. Although it was sort of bitter sweet. Spinning is always the first Tuesday of the month, and this was my last one. My C section is scheduled for February 5th which is a Monday. I don't think I'll be able to go for a while with a new little baby.

I can't believe how fast it's coming. Only a month left! I sure can feel it though. At the beginning of the day I'm alright but as it gets later my body starts to hurt. This little guy or girl has its feet lodged in my right rib cage and it hurts like nothing I've ever known. My other two kids did the same thing. Its like they all knew to do it... argh. hehe.

I'm going to make some hats, one boyish and one girlie for the baby to come home in. What kind of knitter would I be if I didn't make the baby something to come home in?! A nice warm little hat. I also want to get started on some mittens for the kids, thanks to Christy. I really like the pattern she linked. Its cute and looks easy. Leah gets jealous of Gabe because she doesn't have thumbs, all she has are mitts. Poor little girl. What's a mother to do....thats easy, Knit!


Allena said...

oh i never felted that wool now i'm going to have to i have 2 skeins of the chunky in my stash sitting there b/c i wasn't sure what to do with them. i see a lime green purse in my future... sigh yeah it's bright lime green. any suggestions?
oh i'm loving that purse can you send me the pattern? if not i totally understand! what is on the flap in that pix?
ok soo about this baby, i firmly believe you can bring that baby with you anywhere you go esp if it's fiber related. one thing you need is your rebozo, strap that baby on like a papoose. and get to spinning. It will be happy all snugly near your chest and you will be happy spinning your heart out. not to mention once you get there i'm sure everyone will want to hold it. soo i'm sure either way it will be happy and you'll get your time "off" which being a SAHM is something you totally need. am i preaching to the choir? sorry if i sound bossy! i can't help but fall into my old habits of being an older sister... lol wink wink.

oh and i'm calling it, it hasn't been found out. lol.

sue said...

I love the green bag, just gorgeous. The slippers look great too, and you make them sound so easy to make. I hope your little one shifts position soon, so you are not uncomfortable. I was very uncomfortable when I was pregnant with my daughter, ligament pain and some days I could not even get out of bed to go to the toilet. The doctor did say it was a good thing though as it makes labour easier. Thank goodness as she was 9 pound 2 and I had her in an hour. I cant wait to see what you have, so exciting.