Friday, January 26

10 more days!

I miss blog land, and wish I had axcess to the internet at home... I don't so here I am weeks after my last post. I haven't been up to much. Only the normal getting things ready for baby #3. Its only ten days away, I can hardly belive it. We put the crib up in our room and got everything situatated. All I have to do now is pack a bag for the hospitial and one for the kids who are going to be staying with grandma and grandpa. My mom was abel to take off the whole week after my schedualed c-section. That will be super nice, I never have to worry about the kids when they are with my parents, it really puts my mind at ease.

I have made a few things for baby #3. A boy and girl hat. Both of witch are super cute, and I'll be proud to put either one on our new little baby. The other thing I made was a pair of tiny baby booties. Yes it is another pair of toasty tootsies :) I tell you, they are the easiest things to make. I took measurments of Gabe and Leah's baby footprints to make sure they will be a somewhat acurate size.

My mother asked me to make her 2 pair of the toasty tootsies for a co-worker's son and nephew. I did them as quickly as possible so I could get back to my main task this month... Which is spinning. I'm sad to say I haven't taken any pictures of it so far. But there has been good progress on it. I'm hoping to get most of the 4ish pound bag of roving done before the baby comes. I must say this month is going by quickly, only one more week.

My knitting classes went very well. I don't belive they are over already. The ladies in my purse class are so sweet! At the second class they had made the cutest cake for me. It was a 9in round, double layer, with white frosting and cute little ducks around it. The ducks were cut out cookies with yellow frosting a metalic balls for eyes. It was so yummy too. And to top it all off they made me take the rest of it home for the family. They also gave me a baby gift. I wish I would have had my camera along, but sorry no pictures. I had these same ladies in my begining to knit class, and they want to take the toasty tootsies class as soon as I'm ready after the baby. They are the most fun class ever, I'm going to miss them when there is nothing left for me to teach.

Last week we finally got some snow! after a few months of a non-winter it is finally white in Wisconsin! We got the kids all bundled up and took them out to play. They each have thier own little snow shoves, and love to help:)


Allena said...

love the slippers! the hats could they be any cuter? i can't wait to meet the baby LMK what you want me to make for you! love you

sue said...

Cute hats and booties. How sweet of your class to bake you a cake too. I cant wait to see your baby and what you have, so exciting. I cant believe it is just over a week away either. Good luck!

Stricken madchen said...

How exciting that it's so close to baby time! Those little slippers are so tiny & cute. ;-) And your kids look adorable all bundled up. My kids were thrilled with the snow we finally got a few weeks back. They even gladly shoveled our huge driveway.
Can't wait to see pics of your little one. I'm praying things will go well & many warm memories will be built for yur family in the next upcoming weeks.