Monday, April 18

Sticks aren't movin

Ok... so i still haven't knit yet. i have gotten out and went to our knitting night, but with nursing the baby and feeding myself:) i haven't gotten to knit while i've been there. soon enough. i know i'll start up pretty soon. i have to. i'm going to make leah a dress. a traditional mabel dress, from knitting for cherished babies (i think that's the name of the book) with Jaeger Siena.(see the picture below) the best part is that i am knitting it for my lys as a sample and i don't have to pay for the yarn. it will be on display for 3 months and then i can take it home. taking that into consideration i'm going to make it 6-9 month. so by the time i finish it and get to take it home she can actually wear it.

on another note i got to sleep 5 hours in a row!!! it would have been 6 if we went to bed when leah fell asleep. but thats ok. 5 is still really good! i've only been use to 3 maybe 4, if i'm lucky. i almost freaked out when i looked at the clock and saw how long she slept for. i know its not an every night thing but even if it happens once in a while that would be so cool! so i was having a really good morning... then i changed her diaper and used this bebe creme that my sister
(starknits) sent me from germany. about 5 minutes later i looked at my soon to be 2 year old and he is covered in it. his face, hands, shirt, pants... everything. i was a little upset:) i calmed down after i got it off of him. then the baby started crying and it was time to eat again. i swear she eats every other hour... but thats what babies do, plus a few other things :) well i just wanted to start blogging again so if anyone even reads my blog you can keep visiting and hopefully i'll be a regular blogger again. happy knitting to all!


Christy said...

My knitting has suffered a lot since we got our new baby. But, it's worth it. That's so great about the baby dress! I need to check into asking my LYS about doing that in the future. Sounds like a pretty good deal!

Allena said...

LOL awesome about that dress! i wish i had a LYS!! soon though sooon!
LOl about gabe though! i bet his face was all smooth though! i can send more if you need it. i like the bebe creme b/c it smells good and works soooo good! LMK!

Amy Lu said...

Ha! Fingerpainting with baby ointment! Iris did that twice. I still have a stain on my couch. Welcome to parenting two!! If you want to knit, I could come over and walk around with Leah....

Anything for a baby-fix.

Or you could come here, and TIM could walk around with her while WE knit. Then he could get his baby fix!