Sunday, April 24

Its an addiction

I went knitting on thursday night, and actually knit! it was at my friend amy's house. it turned out just to be the two of us, the other regulars were previously engaged, with their husbands and sisters' wedding...they were missed:(...but it was fun all the same. i was so happy to be able to knit. it was nice and relaxing. leah was a good little girl and slept so i could have my hands free! i even knit on friday and a little bit on saturday! i would have blogged but that would have taken precious knitting time away:) so i apologize for those of you who check to see if any new posts have been made... but i am making an effort to blog. it might not be every day that i do(blog), but i do think about it:) if that counts. yesterday i went out to the lys and bought some needles that i need for making that dress. i'm excited about starting it. but before i do i want to finish the elephant for my son... hopefully for his birthday... on may 2nd. i'm sure i can finish it, i only have to do the head and then sew :( it and stuff it. i don't like finishing things by sewing them, and weaving ends in... its a pain. but i guess it has to be done. oh, i also bought some yarn to make leah a new hat. i didn't like the one i made while i was preggy, oops, now i have more knitting to do:) he he he its all in the master plan! well i'm going to try an knit some more, while the kiddos are both sleeping. its like i'm addicted all over again! happy knitting to all:D

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Allena said...

glad you're knitting! i'm workign on some stuff for my SS i'm excited but really slow b/c the reveal is on sat! eek gotta get working...ttyl