Thursday, April 28


lately i've been a knitting fool! i have been knitting every chance i get... i guess it was the four or five weeks of no knitting that did it to me. plus the excitement of finishing a project... the elephant:

i was very happy with how it turned out. the pattern was fairly easy, and i learned how to do the kitchener stitch... very cool. once you get the hang of it. you see, i screwed it up somehow and it ended up being a purl row when it should have been knit. so i had to take it out carefully and re-do it. its that perfectionism in me. here is another picture, with sunlight

gabe loves it! its so nice to see my work appreciated:)

speaking of the poor little guy he as been sick all week. it started on sunday. he threw up for the first time:( it must be scary to do that and not know what's going on. i feel so bad for him. on wednesday we thought he was getting better because he actually ate a little bit. but then yesterday he was mr cranky pants. that's what real love is all about... when your kid is being a complete snot and is making a stink about everything except if its exactly what he wants to do, and yet you still love him:) i knew he had gotten up early yesterday so i figured that, and coming off being sick was the reason for mr cranky pants. then this morning when he woke up he was burning. i took his temp and it showed 101.7 . i hate it when you cant do anything to make them feel better. i just hope leah stays well. i don't need two of them to feel icky. i had to run to the store before joe went to work to get gabe some pedialyte (walgreens band, almost 1/2 the price:), i personally cant stand the salty "fruit" drink. but gabe has been drinking it, thank goodness. well i'm off to do mom stuff... happy knitting to all!


Allena said...

oh poor baby! tell him his aunt says get better buddy! that elephant is sooo cute i was just contemplating making one or two from the last min gifts eh? but i was thinking making them non traditional colors to use up some left over yarn i've got....

hope you stay well!

Christy said...

That elephant turned out so cute! Hope your family starts feeling better. My little Frog is a demon when he is sick but you're right, you love them fact, I think I love him more. I love kids!