Thursday, March 12


I finished my socks for March. These served three purposes, 1~ march SAM KAL socks, 2~ DADA homework for HPKCHC and 3~ practice pattern and gauge for SockWars!

I love them, they fit extremely well and i love the color! Allena dyed them using Wilton's cake dyes(i think) and gifted it to me a while ago! I'm glad i finally used it.

Project Stats:
(see more on my page on Ravelry too)

Start Date: March 5th
End Date: March 10th
Pattern: Flying Arrows Socks
Needles: US#1 Addi Turbo
Method: 2 socks at a time on 2 circulars, top down
Yarn: Wool from Allena
Recipient: Me!

There was a bit of pooling that i didn't care for but it happens to the best of them;)

The actual color of the socks aren't quite captured in any of these pictures. The purple is a bit darker, it is so hard to get the true color on film, or should i say digital.

All in all a good knit and great socks in the end! I think these pulled me out of my non-sock knitting mood i was in after Christmas. YEA!!!


Allena said...

ok so i'm trying again to leave you a comment for some reason it's not working.
the color of that yarn reminds me of the movie monsters inc and sully.
so sorry about the pooling!

DawnK said...

Pretty socks? You got them done in 5 days??? Wow. I've barely had time to knit lately, let alone enough time to knit 2 socks. I'm working on a Moebius wrap in Cascade Pastaza yarn. The colorway is blueberry bliss. It's mostly dark blues with a few bright pinks thrown in.

Amber said...

Beautiful socks! Wow! It takes me forever to finish socks. I get so excited about them, cast them on, then life happens and they sit and wait. Then a new knitting project needs to be done (like longies for the babe), and the socks wait.
Love those! Do they stay up well?

jessica said...

They do stay up really well... i love them!