Friday, March 6

a few things

Is it really March?! Wow. I've been putting this off and off for so long now that I just need to blog already. I feel like i never have enough time to blog what I rally want to blog about. Or at least not enough time to go into depth. So I'm not going into depth, just listing off what I've accomplished in the past few weeks.

1. I can sew! hehe I pulled out my sewing machine (that my GMIL gave me) and sewed a fitted cloth diaper. Its called Rita's Rump Pocket or RRP. It was pretty easy to sew, but was my first experience with sewing elastic... I think for my first attempt it turned out well. Too bad Chloe wants nothing to do with cloth diapers... well she let me take some pictures.... but that is it.

2. Our taxes came in and we have spent some money....

~ paid off our 2nd mortgage

~ bought a grill

~ bought some luggage

~ invested in shelving from IKEA!!! (pictures to come)
our office/toy room thanks us for that;)

~ purchased some math curriculum (math-u-see)

~ I'm sure there is more but that is just a few of the things we were able to do, it feels good to be able to spend some money on things we've needed/wanted for a while now. I love tax season!

3. Chloe turned 2, on Feb 5th!

4. We are semi-potty training her

5. I finished my little bro's Christmas present (late not early)

6. I've knit some wool soakers

~the pink and purple one is the WHW plain wrap.

~the maroon and pink one is longies from ButtKnits.

7. I'm going (if i am approved, need to get on that) to get licenced from ButtKnits so i can sell these...

8. We had our 20wk ultra sound, everything looked good. We are not finding out the gender. Oh and I'm feeling the baby move... Love that feeling!

9. I am participating in the fun over at Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup other wise known as HPKCHC.

10. I made these hats for HPKCHC herbology class.

as always you can see more info on my projects on my Ravelry page!


Allena said...

are you cloth diapering?
good to see a blog post!

Faith said...

Wow, good for you with using your tax money wisely! I love to hear about people managing their money in a responsible way. Makes me feel good inside. :)

You've been getting a lot done! Those longies are way too precious.

My daughter is turning two next month, and she keeps telling me that she "has to pee" then sitting on the potty for a while with no results. I kind of wish she would just get on with the training or forget about it for now though. Forget this "semi" training stuff!! :)

Suzanne said...

Hey Jessica, Glad to hear you are feeling good. All the knits are simply adorable. Love the pants!! Good luck with the Buttknits thing!! I wish my kids were still little, ahh, alas, will have to wait a few years for grandbabies :)