Wednesday, February 22

Past due

A few weeks ago, while my computer was MIA, I received lovely gifts form Michelle, at Pink Knits. She originally was going to send a belt, for Gabe (not pictured because when seen, he immediately had to put it on), that she had come across from when her boys were little. Not only did she send the belt but some goodies for the kiddos and me too! Among these were Opal sock Yarn( I love the colorway!), Saucy Sport %100 mercerized cotton(she suggested knitting washcloths with it) a few videos for the kids and a cute little rattle for Leah (thanks M!)...Thanks Michelle! You are so sweet! The kids loved everything and love the new videos!

I finally took some pictures of Gabe and his winter accessories. The hat was from the Knitting for Two book, same pattern as Leah's. Also the same book that my sweater is from. The mittens I just made... And did a crochet chain to attach them. I didn't want to make any more mittens. This way he can't loose them:o) I almost forgot all the info. The yarn is cascade 220( doubled on size US# 8, I wanted it to be thick and tight), black and grey. A friend of mine had some leftover grey that she let me use. That was nice because I didn't have to buy a whole skein just for the pom pom and the edge. I really like the look of it and would definitely make this hat again. I made Gabes a bit big in hopes that he can wear it next year too. Black can go with anything, right?!?

So I finished the back of my sweater and I'm not so sure about all the colors. Hubby says to wait until its finished to make up my mind about it. Of course I will, but it bugs me all the while. I also need to take into consideration that there will be some embroidery and maybe the adding of those colors all over will change my thinking. Only time will tell. Don't mind the bad/dark picture. Hubby took it and it was night time, bad lighting.

Well I need to start lunch... Then maybe do some knitting or laundry, probably both. Too bad the kids only nap once a day.

Knit happy everybody!


Tena said...

Hi, Jessica! I'm glad you're back, too! Your sweater is really coming along. And Gabe and Leah are getting cuter everyday. I don't know how you get so much knitting done with those little monkeys. Good to hear from you.


Allena said...

hey woman, love the hat. that gift looks wonderful
as for all the colors.i love them.. but what is it you really don't like about it? it will go with anything!

candsmom said...

What lovely gifts from Michelle! I especially love the Opal yarn and all the goodies for the kids. Gabe's hat looks fantastic! And I love your sweater- I really like all the colors; I think they work really well together! It'll match with almost any bottom, too. Take care, Jessica! :-)

Amy Lu said...

I L-O-V-E Gabe's hat!!! I like the blanket stitch around the edge, very manly!

You are amazing!

Stricken madchen said...

Gabe's hat is adorable! I should put something on my kids mittens. M just lost 2 last week (1 each of 2 pairs). I like your sweater too. The colors are great for being able to match everything.
I'm glad you guys liked your package. ;-)

Kimberly said...

That hat is fab. I like the colors in the sweater. Keep going, let's see how it turns out.