Saturday, February 18

As Promised

Here it is. My progress so far. I really like this yarn, its so soft compared to other cottons, I can't wait to wear it! Tonight we are having a knitting Olympic party! Even though I'm not signed up for it, nor do I intend to finish my sweater by the end of the Olympics.... It is just going to be fun. I haven't been able to knit much let alone go out knitting with friends. But what to bring for a snack.... hmm.

I have more to show... Leah's and Gabe's hats and mittens are complete, and just in time for all this snow and cold weather we are having. On Thursday we had a huge blizzard, we got at least a foot of snow. It was fun to be out and shoveling in such pretty weather. Today on the other hand was so stinking cold. When I got to work this morning it was 15 below. Berrrr. I like the snow but the bitter cold is awful.

I don't have a picture of Gabe's to show you, sorry... tomorrow, there is always tomorrow.

I want to show you some of our Valentine's Day fun. I know its over but I've been without this commuter for too long:o)

Of course
there are cookies, I love baking!

I watch my friends kids on some mourning and V-day happened to be one of those days. I painted their faces with Crayola watercolor pencils. They loved it!

Don't mind Leah's weird eating-spoon- face... I have
to show her heart too, it was super difficult to get it on her.

Oh and speaking of Leah, she is a little monkey. She climbs on anything and everything. Also she is walking like crazy! I've been quite busy:o)

Uh oh, I mentioned her and now I hear her waking up from her nap, gotta jet!

Happy knitting!


Allena said...

beautiful! those kiddos look like they had fun on v-day!

Stricken madchen said...

Those faces are too cute! What a fun idea. Leah's hat looks adorable on her. And those cookies look very yummy. I'm glad you guys liked the package. ;-)

Christy said...

I just realized I left the comment meant for this post on your previous one. Oh well.
I'll mention it again...I'm so glad you're back!

Kimberly said...

That hat is so cute. Good job! Valentine's day looks like it was fun!!

candsmom said...

Welcome back, Jessica! We all missed you!! Your sweater looks wonderful- I love the colors! And the hat and mitten sets are so adorable, too. The watercolor face "painting" is such a great idea! My kids always love to get their faces painted, so I'm definitely going to give your pencil idea a try. And your cookies look so cute and delicious, too! I know you were having computer problems, so I'm not sure if you ever got my email... if not, thank you SOOO much for your wonderful and thoughtful package! It absolutely made my day- you're such a sweetheart! Thank you, again and take care! :-)

Amy Lu said...

Yea! You're back!!!

Cute pics! I can't believe you frosted all those cookies. And you wrote words on them! You are Martha! We're not worthy!

Call me tomorrow, if you're not busy, come on by for lunch.