Friday, January 6

Some eye candy

I feel so out of the loop.

There is so much to say and i don't have much time to post. I am now going to be working 4 days a week, wed to sat. I'll be starting at 4 am. I did a trail run of it last week and we decided that it was the best way to get ahead financially. This way I'm home before hubby has to leave
for work and we don't need to pay a sitter to watch our kids. We also want to buy a van(used of course), and figured that now is as good a time as any. Why not start paying now, rather than later. It just means that we'll have it paid off sooner.

Ok, so today 3 of my closest friends and I got together and made egg rolls! I've never made them before and it was a bunch of fun! Add 8 kids to the mix and it gets even better;) It went a little past Gabes nap time so he was getting testy, but other than that I had a blast! At one point in time Leah fell asleep and i just laid her in the corner of the room for her nap! She'll sleep anywhere:) She just goes with the flo! (Here is a cute one of her... just had to add it to the post.) I love my friends their great! And of course they're all knitters. hehe

Ok so now its time for yarn pictures:)

yesterday was knitting night at the shop. I had Christmas money to spend! This is what I came home with. 3 skeins of cascade 220, for a purse that I'm designing. 2 skeins of a superfine merino wool that i just love making baby hats out of. I like getting different colors, not just the traditional blue and pink. And a pair of Addis to add to my collection. US # 13, to use for some felted clogs that I'm going to make for my IL's and my family. The yarn I have yet to buy but I'm thinking of ordering it from knitpicks... I still have some Christmas money left;)

They came home in skeins and are now balls of yarn! I love owning a swift and ball winder! Its awesome! I love not having to do that all at the shop.

This is my collection of yarn for
baby hats... There are 309 yards to each skein, so they go a long way when you make stripes and two colored hats. I just love making hats!

Here is the progress on my kool-aid socks. I'm using the same leaf lace sock pattern that my SP6 sent me. Only this time I'm knitting them toe up. So the pattern is upside down. I'm still not sure if i like the colors yet... I guess I'll just have to see it complete. They're kinda growing on me:)

Yesterday I semi-organized out office/computer room and realized that I need to find a way to better organize my knitting stuff. Be it yarn and books and other knitting notions. Anyways I need to buy some shelves or plastic rubbermaid drawers or something. How is your stash organized? Any tips?

I think I'm going to join the crafty losers yahoo group. I really want to lose this stubborn baby fat, that has somehow increased since having Leah... Hmmm I wonder how that happened?! She is 9 months now and supposedly you should be back to your pre-baby weight. Ha ha. Anyways I'm finding it hard to fit exercise into the tight filled days of working, sleeping, knitting and caring for the kids... But I know it needs to be a priority. I'll update you all with more info as it comes. Then you all can help me be accountable;)

Happy knitting everyone! Its off to bed with me...


Shelley said...

Your kids are beautiful!

I love the colours of yarn you bought, and the kool-aid dyed one is nice too. I like it. I've never dyed any yarn, but I found the instructions for the kool-aid dyed ones last night and I think I might try it some time.

Kimberly said...

I love the yarn you bought. What great colors for baby hats. I'm designing a baby hat now for a friend. Mine is boring off-white. Oh well.
As far as weight goes, don't stress. My daughter is 2 and I'm just now down to my regular weight. That's how long it took! Hang in there and be patient, it will work.

Allena said...

JOIN US! lol it's a high volume list though so go digest. they are super nice!
i love the brigh colors of the koolaid dyed yarn.
the knitpicks color me yarn is sooo soft!
the cascade 220 is beautiful.. can't wait to see what you make

katiedid said...

The kool-aid socks looks great! I bet it's really fun to see how your own dying experiment shows up in a pattern.

Love the yarns you bought too!

Tori said...

Thanks for the virtual hug! :-) AND the advice, I think dyeing is going to be the only answer now. Gabe and Leah or Wonderful and so cute! Take care, Tori

Christy said...

I keep most of my yarn in clear storage bins (the big ones). If I look through the sides, I can see what is hidden at the bottom. It's been working for me so far but I've been thinking I need to keep a spreadsheet or something on my computer to keep track of what exactly I have in there. Good luck w/ the organizing!

candsmom said...

Happy New Year, Jessica! Your children are so adorable! I love the picture of your daughter sitting on the floor. What a great yarn haul! That swift and winder must be so wonderful...I'm still dreaming of owning one. ;-) Your sock looks great, too. And you're not daughter is almost TWO and I have yet to drop those last five baby pounds. I think I've grown quite attached to them. ;-) Take care and good luck with your new work schedule! :-)