Tuesday, January 17

Christmas hats

My little Gabe is sick today:( I hate it when the kids get sick. Poor little guy is just laying on the sofa watching TV. He has puked 4 times already and it isn't even 11:00a.m.

Now that the sad part of my post is over with I'd like to tell you all that my little girl took 4 steps on sat. She is getting more and more brave every day. She looks so cute when she is walking, so grown up. She isn't my little baby anymore:( This is my cutie pie with her first piggy tails, Hubby didn't like them too much. I thought she looked cute:) I do feel bad putting her hair up a lot though, I feel like its gotta hurt... So I don't do it that often.

I haven't been knitting much I have some other crafty things I've been up to. Tomorrow I start the 4 day spree of working again. Last week went ok, but this week I really need to go to bed at a reasonable time. I think it would help if Leah slept through the night. Her teeth have been bothering her so I think if it would just pop through already things would be better. She now has
3 teeth and we're waiting for the 2nd one on the top to come in... argh.

I realized that I never posted pictures of the hats I made for Christmas. The blue one was knit for my little bro Trevor. That's me wearing it. I never took a picture of him yet... Sorry for the bad lighting, it was late. The olive green is my oldest sisters, Dawn. Both were knit out of cascade 220 and of my own design. I used a tubular cast on and a 1x1 rib then changed to a k3 p1 rib. I don't know why but I just really like a 3x1 rib. On Dawn's I did cables on every other rib. I like them both. Oh yeah I had to rip out Trevors and make it a little shorter... What a nice sister I am:o)Here are my little sweeties (yesterday) before the little man was sick. I thought I'd leave you with that:o)

P.S. My class is tonight... Wish me luck!

Happy knitting to all!


katiedid said...

Good luck with your class! I hope Gabe is feeling better soon. :)

Renee said...

Good luck with class! That picture of the kiddos is really cute.

candsmom said...

Oh no, poor little guy! It's always hardest watching our little ones go through illnesses. I think stomach flu is definitely the worst, too. Hope he's feeling better and on the mend soon! And what a milestone for Leah! I love the little pigtails, BTW. ;-) And your hats look fantastic! I bet your siblings just love them- what a great sister you are. ;-) The pic of your duo is just adorable....best of luck teaching your class tonight- you'll do great! Take care! :-)

Allena said...

lol those hats are cool!
poor gabbers i hope he feels better. leah's a little cutie i love her tights!
go leah walking.. now you have to baby proof everything all over again.