Thursday, December 15

camera, tree, panta & gifts

I found my camera! I was totally freaking out last night. All is well now:-) Oh yeah, it was in the sofa... Where else would it be?! Duh.

I can show you all pictures of our little tree. There are no ornaments on yet I figured I had to wait for hubby for that. I think he was a little upset that I put the lights on without him. In my defense, both kids were napping at the same time! Hello, opportunity doesn't knock all day long. So i went for it! The tree isn't but two inches taller than G, and I put two strands (i think 100) of lights on it. One strand of clear around the middle and color on he outside. I get a bit obsessive when it comes to Christmas lights. I might have a tiny case of OCD. You could say I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Our tommy loves the tree. Last year he camped out under it until we therw it out!

Well I sent out my secret pals last package on Monday and she received it yesterday! Her name is Colleen and I had so much fun spoiling her. The funny thing is that she was my sisters last secret pal. Anyways go and check her out, she is a very cool and talented knitter!

To prove how small of a blogging world it is, my bloggin friend Christy had my real life friend Amy as her secret pal. How bazaar.

Other news.

My first panta is done. I think the next one I make I'll double the yarn to make it more weather worthy, and I'll make it shorter, it isn't that snugg. Also my edges aren't as tight as I would like them to be. Other than that its great! I uses Classic Elite's Inca Alpaca. It didn't even use the whole skein(109 yards, 50 g)! Actually I bought this yarn a few months ago (on clearance) when our local craft store was going out of business. Originally it was going to become a sweater, but now I've decided that it will become my winter accessories. I'm also planning on buying a new winter coat from Lands End, I'm still not sure. Maybe we'll see what Santa brings me this year:-)

I almost forgot. About a week ago I received a wonderful package from my brother. He is in Korea at the moment. He sent me a beautiful painting that was rolled up like a scroll. The monkeys are fitting for two reasons. My grandpa use to call me little monkey and Jared(my brother) use to call me monkey girl. Though I'm not sure why. Still it brought tears to my face when i opened it. There were two boxes in the package, that contained the most beautiful set of chop sticks. This package was unexpected and wonderful, thanks bIg bRo! I loved it!

Tonight is knitting at the LYS! I love knitting night.... Hopefully the roads will be drivable.

Happy knitting to all and to all a knitting night!


candsmom said...

Your panta looks fabulous! I love the color you chose. And I sure hear you about acting fast when you have two simultaneously napping kids! That only happens once in a blue, blue moon. ;-) Your tree looks so cute! The scroll and chopsticks are beautiful, too. It must have meant so much, coming from your brother. BTW, thanks so much for your suggestion regarding Lelah. Great advice! Take care! :-)

Colleen said...

Hey - I'm jealous you even have a tree up. Ours is still sitting in the garage. Poor thing. That panta is on my list of things to do and I've got some scrumptious alpaca that would fit the bill.

Thanks again for being my pal. You and your sis are the best!

Allena said...

ok so where's my korea gift?? HELLO??
what ever!
LOL anyways our tree is up and fake. maybe next year we'll get a real one. that panta is great!

pleutim said...

Your panta look fabulous!! Awesome job. And those chopsticks and spoons are amazing too. Lucky you to have a bro who gifts you with such lovelies.