Saturday, November 19

Here we go!

Wow thanks Allena! I always saw that button and was to afraid to use it. he he How silly of me. So here it is, my first leaf lace sock! I really like how it turned out! Also i like the length of it. I know because the night i finished it I wore it around the house. Anyways i like the length because it isn't tall enough to slouch down. I have that problem with my very first pair of socks. Wait a second they are my only pair of socks. Not for long! *grin* he he. So I've been pluggin away at the second one and hopefully it will be done soon. In a few days or so. Then i'm going to start another one:-) I think I'm going to pick a

pattern out of the oh so cool book, my super cool secret pal gave me! It has so many cool patterns. I'm not sure how I can just pick one! Maybe I'll just have to knit them all someday:-)

Ok so I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to post anymore, I will try. The reason being that I am going on vacation! yippie! My family and I are traveling with my parents and lil bro to go visit my sister Allena (and her fam), and my grandma, whom I haven't seen in over two years. G was a baby the last time we saw her. Now she can meet L! Also I get to meat booty, Allena's youngest! She is 1 year old and we haven't met her yet:( I can't wait though, very exciting! Also we haven't seen her hubby in over two years:( him being in Iraq and all. I'm just thankful that he is safe and sound living with his loving family again!

My parents are renting a 15 passenger van to cart us all down there. They said it will be about 13 hours of driving, maybe more. Ugh. I'm a little worried about G & L and how they will do in the van. We are borrowing a portable DVD player to keep G occupied in stressful times. All I ask for is prayer, seriously. I think that is the only way to go. And L is so active now, hopefully she will adapt and sleep a good portion of the way. One can only hope!

I also excited for all that driving time, that means knitting time! I really need to decide what projects I want to bring, I should be finished with the leaf lace socks before we leave. Oh BTW we leave early on Wednesday. Should I start the manos throw? More socks? Some face washcloths? A hat for lil bro Trevor? Hat for big sis Dawn? Llama hat for G? (I had enough left over from hubbys hat).... What do you think?

FYI, hubby loves his hat. He took it deer hunting this past weekend and said that the only parts of his body that stayed warm was his head and ears. He now wants llama socks, for next year by the latest. And in three years he would like a whole body suit out of llama*grin* I said yes to socks and yeah right, good luck on the body suit.

Ok it is getting late and there is church tomorrow... Better get to bed!


Stricken madchen said...

I love your sock! And that is one of my favorite knitting books. (there is a knit-along you can join). How exciting that you get to visit your sister. The things I bring to occupy my kids on a trip: a huge basket full of food, a bigger basket full of toys & books, sing-along music (veggie tales is the best. It also will not drive the adults to the brink of insanity..hehe), and my laptop for DVDs. I use the baskets that fit under the my van's seats. I'll pray for your trip. Hopefully you'll have lots of fun and many memories.

Allena said...

fun i'll have to talk with DH about all the extra time to stay and all!
can't wait to see you glad you got the pix thing down!

Kimberly said...

I love that sock!! It looks great. Have a fun trip, it sounds like a good time.

anonsp6 said...

Your sock looks great! I hope your vacation is awesome and that the kids get used to hanging out in the car. It can be tough but stopping at rest areas and letting them out to play in the grass really helps!

As for what to knit on the road... well, the book is called "Knitting on the Road" so I vote for socks. ;-)

Dreamy said...

Your sock is beautiful!! The only sock pattern I have ever done was Crusoe-- this looks soo much more delicate and beautiful!