Wednesday, November 16

Hello is making me mad.

I was going to show you pictures of my sock... The first one is done! Yipie! But hello/picasa for some reason wont let me. It keeps saying to check the connection to the internet. But obviously its working because I'm blogging. I've never had problems with it before now. Anyways... Oh my goodness I almost forgot. I also got a package from my secret pal... But I'll wait to tell yall what she sent until I can post pictures. Let me just say it is really cool! Ok well I'm going to start my second sock... I think I'm becoming a sock monster;-)

Happy knitting to all and to all a good knit!

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Stricken madchen said...

I think that Hello just has bad days sometimes. I've had that happen to me once. I left it alone, came back to it the next day and it worked fine.
Can't wait to see the pic of your sock though. ;-)