Tuesday, July 28

wool wool wool

Back so soon?!

Why yes, i am!

I finished spinning a sheep's worth of wool! YEA!
I did this for my OWL in the HPKCHC... I'm so glad i decided to do it too!

I decided I wanted to dye it with Wilton cake dye. I did a test dye of three different colors. Juniper, Leaf Green and Brown. I came to the conclusion that i would use Juniper with a dash of leaf green to liven it up a bit.


Leaf Green


Last night i just couldn't wait and and so started my dying experience.... Now i have 16 skeins of this yarn (2,065 yards) and wanted to have it all the same. So what does one do... puts it all into one dye bath. Right?!!


I shoved it all in to a 22 qt pot and couldn't even stir it around at all. Bad idea. Well it was all in and i just went with it hoping that it would work out.

It didn't:

Today i decided that I would dye it again in smaller batches. So I did and it helped... but i think i might dye it again. I'm not sure.

I keep going from I love it to i hate it. Very strong feelings i know, but maybe i just need to get use to it. I guess I'll see how i feel about it in the morning.

There are a few skeins of yarn that have a really dark spot or two on them...(you can see it in the picture below)I do have a few extra yards(about 500) so hopefully i won't have to use them. Or maybe it will just add to the oh-so-cool hand dyed look... one can hope:)

Oh have i mentioned that I'm going to knit the Central Park Hoodie out of this yarn?! Well i am!

Here is some pics of Truban, cause i know you all want to see little baby cuteness:)

He was laying on me and i snapped a few pictures so i can remember how cute and tiny he is... I know they grow all to fast. I love the little scowl on his face...


Amy Lu said...

Oh, if you decide you hate that yarn... I L-O-V-E it! If I wasn't already married to Tim, I'd marry it.

That. Is. My. Favorite. Color.

And Truban is adorable. We need to do that photo shoot!

Bobbi said...

I'm so proud of you and your OWL! Congrats!! BTW The darker skeins could be a nice addition for cuffs, neck edging, etc.

Lynds said...

The yarn is looking great on the line. That is quite a tenacious dye project I have to say. I think it will look great as a Central Park Hoodie. I look forward to seeing it when it's all said and done!

Michelle said...

(it's stitchywitchy...I saw your blog post on the HPKCHC page!)

You are brave dyeing all that yarn! I've only done 1 skein, so far. I do really love that color, though!

Truban is just SO adorable! They sure do grow too fast. I can't believe how big Charlie is already!

Allena said...

i love the color you came out with. though maybe if you're not super happy with it you could try one more time to dye it again. this time let it soak for a while with out the vinegar or something.
love the new pix

Suzanne said...

I like the green!! :) You are very ambicious (not sure I spelled that right :) The baby is beautiful! They do grow out of those days way too quick!!

DawnK said...

I think the yarn turned out pretty! Can't wait to see your hoodie! Truban is adorable! They do grow up too fast. My first baby is going to be 20 on Tuesday!

*emy said...


Your son is BEAUTIFUL! Awwwwww he's soo cute! Congratulations Jessica, your a very lucky mom. Don't you wish you could capture in a bottle the way babies smell?


Rebecca said...

I love seeing baby sweetness and he really is a cutie-pie! I didn't know you could use Wilton Cake Dye to dye yarn! I haven't tried to do that yet. I'll look forward to seeing your CPH knit with this pretty color!