Friday, March 10

I was visited by a frog.

I noticed after completing one of the front panels of my hoody that I did the armhole shaping incorrectly. I added about 10 rows to the sweater... argh. As you can see on the picture on the left I had about 9 inches to rip out. I picked up the row I needed to rip down to and was ready to go.

Last night I went out frogging... er.. ah.. Knitting. I only got to go out for a couple of hours, so I could be back for my bed time. All in
all I purled one row. The rest of the night consisted of ripping and winding little bits of yarn into tiny balls. Bummer, I know, but it had to be done. I really want this sweater to be as close to perfect as I can make it.

Look, the frog himself made an appearance. He sure is making me work hard for this thing. Look at all those tiny balls of yarn... That is just more knitting for me, right?! I just wish I could sit and knit for a week and finish it. I have so many other things I'd love to get started, I just need the time. So is life.

So I think I'm going to start a count down for my new and upcoming job. Or rather when I get to quit the crazy job I have now. Thanks for the idea Michelle! Now I just have to find a counter!

Happy knitting to all!


Karen said...

Oh no, Mr. Frog is probably my least favorite visitor. But I agree with you, it's so worth it to fix the mistake and have a perfect sweater. It's coming along really nicely - I love all the colors. Such a cheerful sweater!!

candsmom said...

It's so hard to begrudge the frog when he's as cute as he is in that picture! ;-) I'm not crazy about frogging, either, but I totally agree with you that it's definitely worth the pain to have an end product that you love. Your sweater is looking wonderful! I love all the happy colors! I can't wait to see you modeling it! ;-) I think a counter is a fantastic idea- I'm so happy that this new opportunity has come up for you! Take care and have a wonderful weekend, Jessica! :-)

Stricken madchen said...

I love the frog in the picture! But it's too bad about the reason he is there. I just did the same thing with the sweater I'm knitting for Quinton. It's sitting in a pile waiting for me to frog.